Canon EOS 1100 D camera - review

Canon EOS 1100 D camera - review
Canon EOS 1100 D camera - review

Hello, readers! My husband and I decided to buy a semi-professional Canon EOS 1100 D camera after the birth of our daughter in 2013, hoping that this technique would help us preserve the most memorable moments.

The main characteristics that attracted us at that time: the mirroring of the camera, removable lens and battery.

So, the camera is a mirror, which means that it has a certain shaft with mirrors inside. These mirrors, as I understand it, allow you to adjust the camera. I must say right away that it is completely unnecessary fornication in our conditions. No child in the world will wait for you to set up a camera. Rather, it was the parents who closed their gestalt on the topic "I want this pretty SLR camera." In fact, we, as a rule, cannot take advantage of all the advantages of this setting. I can adjust the depth of field on occasion if I'm shooting something in the kitchen. And beyond that, I couldn't dive into the wonderful world of photographic equipment – I just don't have time.

In general, we use only a few modes. Including auto mode. Was it worth buying such a camera because of this? The quality of the photos, it seems to me, depends more on the quality of the matrix, but not because of the mirrors installed.

The matrix? The matrix is not bad. Compared to our previous Canon handheld camera from 2007. And the resolution is higher here. Well, the camera class too. At the same time, I have seen photos that are taken on professional cameras – our camera and our skills are very far from this. But the efficiency of this camera is clearly not enough. Sometimes it's just hard to carry it with you. She leads almost half a kilo. And those memorable moments are more often filmed on the phone. In general, the camera is good to mess up on a walk. And completely useless in everyday life. I am glad that we did not purchase professional options, although we really wanted to. This is a great option to try yourself in photography and understand whether you will use all these bells and whistles at all. In order to get a hobby – such a camera is enough at the initial stage. It turned out to be more interesting for me to draw than to photograph. With this camera, you can shoot great references, which I will then bring to mind already on hand-drawn works. But it is the vividness of the photos that we do not shine.

At night, like all cameras, this option requires either a good flash or a tripod. The camera has a built-in flash, when shooting people, it hits in the eyes and forehead. Fortunately, in my favorite modes, except portrait, shooting, the flash must be turned on manually.

In portrait mode, the built-in program pleasantly smoothes the skin tone. In good light, I prefer this mode for photographing myself, my beloved, and other people, of course.

Here is a small test of the camera: its mode and how it shoots in this mode. I didn't change anything in the manual settings modes, because I don't remember what is responsible for what anymore. but I think you can appreciate the functionality a little bit from the photo. Focusing can be manual, but more often we use autofocus. With my nearsightedness, this gives me the opportunity not to make a mistake with the focus. You can also set the focus point manually, and the camera itself will focus at this point.

We also failed to take advantage of the removable lens. We did not purchase additional lenses. And then imagine that photographing a kid, you will not only build settings, but also change the lens. In general, this is not a parental option, and not even a spy one. It's easier to go to a good photo studio for good photos. The kit comes with a kit lens, which is universal for both portrait and landscape. But you can't expect masterpieces from him.

In a removable lens, the good thing is that if we crash it, then it will be possible to buy not a new camera, but just a new lens.

Ugh, ugh, nothing has happened to the camera in 8 years. The matrix is alive and well, the lens is intact, the battery is also.

The battery is powerful. We charge it every six months. Well, the truth is, given the fact that we can't actively use the camera.

Overall, I'm still happy with the camera. It helps out at targeted events. This is an affordable amateur option. If you know what you want, then, of course, I recommend it.