How to open the screw cap is just ridiculous

Usually the screw cap is opened with a knife or other metal object, the point is to run air into the jar and then it opens easily enough. But there is another way to open such lids, but this method only works for large lids...

How easy it is to open the screw caps. How to open a tight lid with just your hands.

Screw caps for preservation. An integral attribute of a glass jar is the lid, which turns the product into a convenient and practical container for canning, harvesting fruits, berries, vegetables for the future. Designed for rolling cans with a thread on the neck. Their advantage lies in the possibility of reusable use, provided that the integrity of the inner O-ring is preserved. Metal lids for canning. This is a classic solution that has been popular in home and industrial canning for many decades. For the use of metal caps, a special sealing wrench (or apparatus) is required, besides they are disposable. Nevertheless, the low cost, resistance to oxidation and corrosion, the ability to create absolute tightness inside a glass jar make these products one of the most popular. You can buy screw and metal caps for canning in our online store. The conservation season is a hot time for a good hostess. I want to save my favorite vegetables and fruits until next summer. In order for the preservation to be delicious, retain its useful properties and stand for a long time, it is not enough to know a good recipe. In addition to high-quality products and properly selected inventory, it is important to know how to roll up cans with screw caps correctly. Understanding the intricacies of this process will help speed up and simplify canning.

Is it possible to use a screw cap instead of the usual one. Screw caps are many times better than conventional ones, if only because they can be reused. In addition, screw-on lids provide high-quality canning of all kinds of pickled vegetables, mushrooms or jam. You can use such lids for any cans, so many housewives have recently given preference to screw products rather than ordinary metal lids with elastic bands.

It is possible to ensure a long shelf life of preservation by adhering to certain rules:

when preserving products with an increased level of acidity, it is better to choose a twist-off with a thick layer of varnish;
never overtighten the lid more than the thread allows (it will be damaged);
twist-off is twisted strictly along the thread line;
close the jars immediately after filling. It is important not to overfill the container (the contents should not reach the edges by 1 cm);
store the jars in a dry, well-ventilated place. It is important to limit conservation from sudden temperature changes;
canned food with very low sugar content (or without it at all) is stored in a cool place (for example, a refrigerator);
after the preservation with twist lids is closed, it needs to be turned over (check for tightness of the seaming);
you can not use the blanks for food if the lid is swollen, there is no cotton when first opened, the twist-off is covered with rust on the inside.