Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Camera - reviews

Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Camera - reviews
Canon PowerShot SX510 HS Camera - reviews

General characteristics: the camera is miniature, weighty, because the body is partially made of metal.

Black color, with metal inserts. The information on the button is clearly visible. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.

The kit includes: installation drivers, a lens cap on a cord, a neck strap, a USB cord, a removable battery, a 220v battery charger, instructions in different languages and an adapter for microsd.

Brief description of options:

Shutter speed - 1/1600 - 1 sec (factory settings), 1/1600 - 15 sec (full range).

The format of PHOTOSJPEG

The resolution of the images is 4000 x 3000 (L), 2816 x 2112 (M1), 1600 x 1200 (M2), 640 x 480 (Drunk, 4000 x 2248 (16:9)

Additional data about the snapshot EXIF 2.3, DCF, DPOF 1.1

GPS Receiver -Supported when connected to a compatible smartphone

Russian menu

Lens type - zoom optical, 30x.

The flash is built-in. Modes: auto, on, off, slow synchronization, elimination of the "red eye" effect. Exposure compensation when shooting with flash. Manual tincture of flash brightness (3 levels). Range: 50 cm - 5.0 m (short focus), 0.5m - 3.0 m (long focus)

Dimensions (width x height x depth)104 x 70 x 80 mm

Weight - 349 g (with battery and memory card)

Focal length - from 24 to 720 mm

A 3-inch LCD screen.

The flash action is up to 5m.

Interfaces - USB, HDMI,audio outputs, Wi-Fi connection.

The number of pictures on a battery charge is 250.

Now let's get down to my impressions. I use it for amateur shooting and baking wonderful moments of life. It is also great for photos when writing reviews, completely conveys the color, hue and saturation of the product. It fits me perfectly in size, I can take it with me anywhere! Fits perfectly in a backpack, travel bag, or just for carrying in your hands (thanks to the carrying bag). The user-friendly interface allows you to select any filters for different conditions. Easy switching between filters, as well as macro, portrait, normal, and manual focusing. By switching the language to Russian in the settings, the operation becomes extremely clear. Amazing 60x magnification with Zoom function, with which I can zoom in on objects from a distance of more than km! Moreover, the picture remains clear, without noise. The only thing is that it becomes difficult to hold it in this position in your hands, because the picture jumps. But then a tripod comes to the rescue, so there are no complaints about the camera. Amazing color transfer, thanks to which there is no desire to filter photos. I want natural and high-quality photos, without any extra overlays and retouching. Convenience when held in the hands. The rubberized handle fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, does not slip out, does not cause inconvenience.
The flash is not automatic, it rises and falls manually. The ability to customize the quality, filters, sounds for yourself. Therefore, if you want to be a detective, or work as a paparazzi in the neighboring bushes, be sure-you will not be exposed.


As usual, I approach the search for any equipment and electronics with special care, this camera was no exception. I searched for a long time, carefully going through each characteristic and function, reading a bunch of reviews.

I am the lucky owner of the Canon SX510 HS. I bought it for 7000. The price is acceptable, compared to DSLRs, of course I wanted a DSLR at first, but a DSLR is needed, in my opinion, by a professional, which I am not.

What attracted me to this camera:

The optical zoom is 30x. It is optical, i.e. it is like binoculars, sometimes I use it for this purpose. The image is clear. With a digital zoom of 120x magnification, the picture is stretched, but the photo is quite acceptable. Manual settings. As I can, I twist and twist these settings, I had to read what settings and what they are needed for, but it only went to the benefit, because I read with interest. This camera is perfect for beginners. Since I do not know all the subtleties of photographers, I am satisfied with the quality of the pictures. With this camera, you can just take a good picture. In my opinion, the video also shoots well, there is a slow-motion function-we had fun with it as much as we could, because it is very interesting to look at ordinary actions in slow motion. Wi-fi on the camera. I am very pleased with this function, because I have never liked running around the computer with a cable or a USB flash drive, and then I installed the application on my smartphone without any problems and immediately upload photos to it and upload them to social networks or send them to someone. Some are picky about the fact that the flash needs to be manually raised. For me personally, this is a plus, because on other cameras sometimes the flash works when it is not necessary, and there is no need to mess around, I understand you can turn off the flash in the settings, but it's more convenient for me. Plus, you can adjust the brightness of the flash. Small size. The neck does not get tired of wearing it, you can take it into the crowd at a concert, which you can't do with a DSLR, and you can put it in your purse, it won't take up much space.

Personally, I did not find any disadvantages. Maybe my inexperienced "photographer's eye" does not see the flaws, but in any case, everything suits me very well. If you don't have a big budget and won't take pictures like a professional, then this camera is just for you.


The Canon Power Shot SX510 HS camera fell into my hands by accident, but this is the case when the desire to "try" to photograph completely coincided with the technical data of the device selected for this. For home (holiday, holiday, portrait) use, the camera really fits perfectly, combining the absence of "mirror" bells and whistles, bulkiness with quite a pleasant quality of pictures, quite sufficient for a photo album.

So, what is it like: a camera for a novice photographer that allows you to try and evaluate the main functions and techniques of photographing.


Reasonable price. The quality of the images. We are talking about manual mode, other modes give an average and often random result at their discretion. The pictures in them are normal, but I prefer to configure everything myself. Quite simple manual mode settings: in fact, there are three or two lower round buttons that adjust the shutter speed with the aperture, respectively (they switch with the basket button), the ISO parameter is adjusted with an up arrow (80-3200, it is better to leave it at 80; the more, the lighter, but the quality suffers). A couple of days is enough to find them, twist them and understand exactly how the images change. Good shots in macro mode, the ability to set the focus manually on the desired object. Decent optical zoom, can even be used as binoculars. There is also a digital one, but it makes little sense (you can frame a picture in any program without a digital zoom, the effect is the same). At high magnification, it is better to use a tripod - the camera shake becomes 30 times more noticeable, do not use a long shutter speed without a tripod. Convenient location of the buttons. After a couple of long photo walks, the button assignments are usually remembered. There is a flash. I didn't have to use it for shooting, but these are personal preferences. It works perfectly. There is a possibility of mounting on a tripod. Video with decent sound and excellent quality. For such a camera, the video is very cool. The camera has 8 GB of memory, although I don't know if it's a native card.


The saddest moment in getting to know the camera for me was the JPG format for saving photos. If you plan to use the camera to create pictures in an album, on a web page - this item does not matter, your pictures will look high-quality. But I really wanted the format to be RAW. The inability to connect the camera to the OS below the tenth Win. It is all the more surprising that the camera is easily connected from the tens via any suitable mini-usb-for-camera/usb adapter. An inarticulate wi-fi function that refuses to work in any state of affairs. Noisy ISO at high values, which is not surprising for a camera at such a price. One battery is enough for me for about 1.5-2 hours of active shooting. So for a long trip without the ability to recharge the battery, one will obviously not be enough.


A sad little preface.

For quite a long time I was the happy owner of a baby soap dish from Samsung and did not bother my head with thoughts about buying a camera. But then Sir Irek came into my life, and the desire to improve grew in me.

Of course, the photo is not taken by a camera, but by a photographer, but not the clearest, not the brightest and not the most, in general, high-quality photos just pressed my inspiration to exhaustion. the waste of time was especially depressing - there were only a dozen clear pictures for a hundred, because trembling hands spoiled everything.

And we all, as you know, want everything at once. After a long and thorough search, this camera model was found, and this review will be about it. The camera comes with a battery, a battery charger in the form of a cord, and the device itself and the cord.

The camera is not too big, but compared to a crumbled soap dish, it is of decent size. The hand does not get tired of it, but it is heavy. There are a lot of buttons on the case, but for an ordinary user (for example, me) they are not particularly important. In fact, only six or seven of them are in "everyday" use. The lens is protected by a lid on a shoelace, which I fixed in the upper part of the camera on a special crossbar for two such shoelaces, on both sides of the photo. The flash is lifting, easy to clean and does not require switching on/off. This device is perfectly adapted for holding in your hand. The place of hand grip is even rubberized, which is convenient for my dad's big palms, which is convenient for my small pen.

This camera is included in the category of "ultrasounds". Of course, it wasn't particularly important for me to have a large zoom, but this is a very interesting feature in street photography (and for espionage! :D). The lens comes out long enough when zoomed, but this does not prevent the camera from focusing quickly.

I haven't had a chance to photograph the moon yet. but for shooting small animals and the like, it fits perfectly. The photos in the examples are taken from the same place.

Perhaps the difference will not be so significant, but for me the quality of these two photos is noticeably different. The left one is made for an old soap dish, the right one for this model. The lighting level in both photos is the same.

I think this is a great camera for amateur photography and for photographing products for reviews. It is small, it is convenient to carry with you and it is quite inexpensive. by the way. in many hardware stores, it is one of the most popular by sales.

I have never regretted buying this model, so I boldly recommend it to you!


Very good characteristics are stated, but the camera does not cope with them. The impression is that the modes are made only to cheat the price and to describe the camera beautifully. In fact, all modes shoot almost the same. When installed in Tv mode, moving objects are clear! It works very well here!

With Av, the aperture opens by 3.5, but the background turns out to be slightly more blurred than when opening at a maximum of 8.0.

The camera focuses hard enough on an ordinary object, but if it's a face, it keeps it under the gun constantly.

Photos in motion are blurry, with a lack of light.

Zoom is bad. At maximum approximation, the focus is lost.

The camera was chosen because of the trust in the quality of Canon. Bought with a big discount. It is convenient to take it with you. Family walks for memory captures without difficulty. It's not good for creativity. To gain experience with the subsequent transition to a semi-professional camera - not good - gives erroneous values, there is no range of settings. Wi-Fi is a mythical beast, finds the network, but fails.