Canon 7D Mark2 camera - review

Canon 7D Mark2 camera - review
Canon 7D Mark2 camera - review

Canon 7D Mark2, review-comparison of how much better this camera is in contrast to other cameras.

Many people, both photographers and amateurs, over time, after updating their favorite camera line, the question arises: take the new version, or stay on the old one.

Will the money go to the wind, because of the PR hyped by the company's marketers.

Let's see how much the new version of the Canon 7D professional reportage camera, beloved by many photographers, has changed, with a relatively budget cost.

How much has the Canon 7D Mark2 camera become better, what has changed and is it worth updating to it, after the reliable Canon 7D classics. And of course we will make the final conclusion.

So let's look at the improvements:

1. Added + 2 Mp.
2. The processor was updated, now it is the 6th generation, the 7D had the 4th. Due to this, the light sensitivity of the matrix increased by 25%.
3. Autofocus points were added, now 65, against 19 on 7D and all of the cross type. Now the screen coverage has become 35%, against 17% for 7D.
4. Changed the autofocus to a modern Dual Pixel.
5. Added rate of fire, +2. Now 10 frames per second, against 8.
6. Added a second SD card slot.
7. Interface changes: + Headphone jack and faster USB 3.0 (5 Gbps).

Now the deterioration, there are few of them and they are not so significant:

1. The battery capacity has decreased by about 20%.
2. The built-in flash became a little weaker, well, at least it wasn't removed and that's good.
3. The weight of the camera increased by about 10%.


The camera has changed, but not so much! For those who shoot video with a camera, of course it makes sense to change the old version to the new one. The modern Dual Pixel autofocus is a magical tool for shooting videos. (and 65 autofocus points will be a nice bonus). All other changes are not so important to take the Mark 2, if your Seven is still in good condition. In general, if the video is a replacement. If only a photo, then you can continue shooting with your favorite seven. For those who like to shoot videos, I can advise a small, light and budget DSLR, with a super modern Dual Pixel autofocus, you can read a review about it. Having already had a lot of experience, I bought 200 D, having made my choice consciously, for three main reasons. Review without water.

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