Canon IXUS 75 Camera - Reviews

Canon IXUS 75 Camera - Reviews
Canon IXUS 75 Camera - Reviews

Canon IXUS 75 is a reliable camera! Hello! Today I'm talking about an inexpensive camera Canon IXUS 75. The model certainly is not the newest, but still sometimes you can find it in stores, and it costs very inexpensive.

The image sensor is only 7.1 megapixels, but it suffices - still not for professionals, but the menu is intuitively simple and understandable. The build quality is excellent! In our workshop cameras like this are used for taking pictures of some production stuff - equipment, production stuff where the actual photo quality is not the least important but still the most important thing is that any employee could easily handle a camera even if they are not very knowledgeable in such kind of equipment. Now, my opinion, regarding buying such a camera for myself - most likely I wouldn't buy it because it doesn't really meet my needs. But for a simple user for home and family I can safely recommend it.


Canon IXUS 75 is not a bad pocket camera. This is my first digital camera, bought it a few years ago. At the time it was one of the best non professional cameras. I have compared it with some people I know, and it beats them. For example, it produces a good image in semi-darkness, even in video recording, which is basically done without flash. Other cameras in such conditions do not give an image, only a dark screen. User-friendly menu, which you can understand without instructions. Compact, fits in any pocket, does not take much space in the bag, you can always carry, which I do, and I am always armed. Big enough screen. Of the disadvantages: the screen is defenseless against scratches, you could think of something to protect it.


Canon IXUS 75 - I don't need any other! I own this miracle for three and a half years. I still can't believe my luck. It is a great camera. I've been choosing for a long time, reading a lot and consulting with more experienced people. The picture quality is great, I can use different shooting modes. It really helps to take macro shots, and this gadget has great macro mode if you want to take detailed pictures of something very small. Flowers and insects are as on the postcard. With all the advantages, it is easy enough to use, even a blonde, which I am. By the way, among the similar ones, this one is the most reliable.


Canon IXUS 75 is a very good and reliable camera. I have been using Canon IXUS 75 for almost 5 years now. Never once has it let me down. The picture quality is great despite the 7.1 MPix. The optical zoom is a small 3x.

The pros of the Canon IXUS 75:

1. Colors are saturated.
2. Many different modes: portrait, night, children and pets, party, foliage, snow, beach, fireworks, aquarium, underwater
3. Good quality macro shots
4. Have red-eye correction
5. Also present skin lightening or darkening functions
6. You can brighten one of the selected colors: blue, green or red
7. The video quality is not bad.

The only negative thing is that the photos, and especially the video, weigh a lot.

The pictures were taken with a Canon IXUS 75. I'm far from a photographer, but this is what pictures can get from this device. I think that although this model is outdated, but it is still worthy to compete with many new cameras!