Canon PowerShot SX100IS - camera reviews

Canon PowerShot SX100IS - camera reviews
Canon PowerShot SX100IS - camera reviews

The Canon PowerShot SX100IS is my trusted friend. Actually, I am far from an expert in photography and this is only the second camera I deal with, but it makes me feel like a real photographer.

I have been using it for 4 years now and it hasn't had any problems yet. I just wipe the lens from time to time and that's it. The Canon PowerShot SX100IS has a lot of manual settings, but I use two or three preset modes, plus macro. I always shoot at 8 megapixels, so I can edit and trim without losing quality. The zoom is decent, ten times (sometimes used in nature as binoculars. What I like is the finger batteries, you can always replace them with new ones or batteries. The memory card is SD, no problem you can immediately insert it into a computer with a suitable connector or immediately into the printer. If you want you can mount it on a tripod, but I do not use it. Pictures are bright, colorful, not blurry. Sometimes there is noise in low light indoors, and in the dark outside the flash does not always work. If the battery power is low, the flash also does not work. But these are all minor things, I am very happy with my purchase and almost always carry it with me.


Canon PowerShot SX100IS is one of the best compact cameras. I have been using this model for 1.5 years. Already made more than 7000 photos.

During the whole time of using it I have not found any critical defects, but there are still some things that I am not satisfied with:

- It takes quite a long time to charge the flash. but it is possible to adjust its power
- no indication of the battery charge, but from the experience of use, you can calculate how much charge is enough
- noise, starting from iso500
- the sound quality when shooting video leaves much to be desired
- video quality falls when zooming, it is necessary to preset, then shoot
- you have to take pains with the settings to get normal photos in the night scene

That's all the "negative" that caused this model Canon PowerShot SX100IS.

And now we should turn to the pros of the Canon PowerShot SX100IS, and there are many. Rather comfortably sits in the hand, acceptable size. Allows you to make good pictures at 10x zoom, many settings: iso, flash power, b/w balance, focal length setting (auto, macro, manual setting), the ability to choose the quality of the photo. There are also several shooting modes (portrait, landscape, night, pets, panorama, program, manual, shutter speed / aperture priority). For unpretentious users, automatic mode will also be fine. The flash can be used only at night / in deep twilight (settings and optics, help to do without it). Buying a tripod will save you from "blurry" pictures if your hands are shaking (especially affected when shooting in the evening/night), but you can, of course, and without a tripod to hold tight and everything will be fine Wink. The LCD screen does not distort the image. Support for memory cards with a large capacity (SDHC) (I use 8 gigabytes of capacity for 1800 photos). Buying this camera, it is necessary to stock up on batteries (I have 4 sets of spare 2700 NiMh).


Canon PowerShot SX100IS - the best camera. My digital camera Canon PowerShot SX100IS has been pleasing me for two years with the quality of photos and videos. It looks like a soapbox, but with a number of modes and manual settings in a compact black body. The flash is powerful (opens manually), so photos are perfect in day and night, but video at night or in low light can not shoot. Macro shooting allows you to shoot the names of the shades of decorative cosmetics and all kinds of compositions, all kinds of flowers are also obtained perfectly. Color reproduction as natural as possible. The camera runs on AA batteries, I use rechargeable batteries, you need two to work, I have four. I am completely satisfied with the camera, because this model combines photo and video camera in a compact pocket-sized package.