Sony Alpha NEX-3 Kit Camera review

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Kit Camera review
Sony Alpha NEX-3 Kit Camera review

Sony Alpha NEX-3 Kit is a good camera for amateurs! My first personal camera was also sony, I don't remember the model anymore, some kind of Cyber-shot, I used it for almost 4 years, I chose it by design, but I wasn't very happy with the quality of the photo, and when my daughter was born, I took care of buying a new camera, I wanted to take a DSLR first, but my brother said why, she heavy, big, and you're not a professional photographer, and I recommended this model.

I am very happy with the camera, the quality is just wonderful, and what kind of video is better than on many video cameras. Of the advantages, I can also note the dimensions, if you screw the lens "pancake", it fits in my mini handbag, in which the DSLR would certainly not fit sideways, and the quality of the photo is also on top.


In many beliefs of the indigenous peoples of North and South America, Australia and Papua New Guinea, the camera is a mirror that takes away the soul of the person being photographed. Although this photoapprat is still far from the peaks of display, which is typical for Muranov mirrors of Venetian masters. In this case, we are talking about some model that has a fairly good matrix and allows you to shoot video in a sufficiently close to the real situation and illuminated focus. Otherwise, this is a regular camera with a factory lens (it makes it possible to replace it with a different lens from Sony), a flash and additional accessories to it: a memory card (its connector is designed for SD, or for a full micro-SD), a case. However, my case does not allow me to put a protective cover on the end of the lens that comes in the original kit.


Sony Alpha NEX-3 Kit takes professional pictures without a mirror. I want to say that I have heard about the class of Sonkov pseudo-mirrors nex for a long time. And here just turned up one such copy (By the way, in stores or on Avito you can buy for quite reasonable money). The camera is light (if with a native pancake 16mm), really compact! The photos he takes are just great. There are a lot of settings in manual mode, everything is as it should be for a professional camera. A nice bonus - you can put all Soviet optics on it through an adapter. Which I did, digging up houses on the mezzanine of Helios.


Of course, I would like to get myself a real DSLR, but so far finances do not allow me to use it, and I am quite happy, and as the manufacturers assure us, this is the first mirrorless camera with the quality of a mirror, but much more compact. Very practical, I carry it with me in my bag all the time, not heavy, the image quality is excellent.I also really like the feature with hints in the menu, when choosing a specific mode, it's really cool for inexperienced photographers. I attach a photo, I'll say right away that the color and contrast are slightly tightened in Photoshop, well, where without it.


Somehow I decided to become a photographer. Dad gave me this camera and asked his friend super-duper-mega-cool photographer to work out with me. But there was a vacuum in my head then and I didn't understand anything. Classes stopped, but the camera remained. Do I regret something? No way! I have been inseparable with this camera for seven years, and it has never let me down. Even if I have never been a photographer, but I love to take pictures, and this love began thanks to the camera. There are many functions and modes in it, it is extremely understandable even for slow-witted people like me, I am generally silent about people who understand this matter. In general, the camera has been pleasing me for 7 years, and I believe that this is just the beginning!


I have read all the reviews about Sony NEX3, useful, but I bought a camera of a new Sony NEX 3N sample after testing, I will post my opinion, while the first steps are excellent, very compact and convenient to work with. The quality of the photos is excellent.

I bought a camera on 17.07.2013 when buying it, there was a choice between NEX3N and RX100

1. The first thing I didn't like about the RX 100 is the production of China, NEX 3N-Japan/

2. The RX100 looks like a soap and it's uncomfortable to hold it.

3. The matrix is too small compared to Sony NEX3N

4. Before buying, I tried to shoot on the RX100-it seemed that this was the top photo for a mirrorless camera, when I compared the photos taken on the NEX 3N and the RX100, I saw the difference, the pictures taken on the NEX 3N were of higher quality, considering that the video suits me completely in quality on the NEX 3N, I did not try shooting video on the RX100, therefore, I do not comment on this option. I don't want to say that the RX100 is a bad camera, by no means, it's a great camera and many will choose it, but the NEX 3N suited me better.

5. I am satisfied and enjoy the quality of the photos.

6. In addition, you can also buy a telephoto lens or any other, which is easy to do for the RX100

7. The RX100II is already a very interesting camera, but very expensive.


Before that, I had a regular Samsung-7 megapixels. There are a lot of modes stuffed there-but they are not working properly. The next one I decided to take Sony-since it is a very high-quality brand. This camera has a very convenient and bright menu. I like that there are not many keys, so you won't get confused.And the functions of the keys are written on the screen. Convenient scroll wheel-you can either turn, and you will move left and right, you can just press - up, down, left, right. It is very convenient that the video turns on and off with one button, i.e. you do not need to search through the entire menu to start recording. I have a camera with two lenses. One is small, you can say for everyday use, and the big one is for landscapes, nature. In the big one, I like the manual autofocus mode, because I'm just trying to learn how to take pictures correctly, I really like this function. There are a lot of modes, there is still panorama shooting - this is generally a beauty, I shoot views from the 13th floor - just super! the hint in the camera itself helps a lot - it explains everything how to take pictures - for dummies like me. Photo quality is obtained, there is even a mode to reduce noise, which photographs 7 times and combines into 1, for a better photo. Maybe there are all these functions in others, but this is my first professional camera and I am very happy with it! I advise everyone, but the price is certainly not very good, another good feature is panoramic shooting - you drive the camera, it takes several pictures, and then gives a panoramic picture, and I used to suffer from this in Photoshop. My camera is already 1.5 years old-the quality is on top, so I'm already used to it that you can just put auto mode and take pictures, especially beautiful pictures in nature when there is natural lighting. Comparing with Nikon (its owner is also a teapot in the photos), I understand that Sony is the easiest, elementary, and even a high-quality version of the camera. It is for those who need quality without having any special knowledge. There is no price for my screen, which changes the angle of inclination. On children's holidays, or where you need to take a picture high-just move the screen up or down-no need to bend or jump.


Sony is definitely a good thing and has shown itself not badly in work, although of course sometimes you want more, but here you need to understand that the photographer's hands are also quite an important part of the camera. Therefore, I will not scold my sony nex 3 for the quality of the photo. Although in general the pictures are not bad, sometimes even good. This is no longer a soap dish, but it is also not Mark 2. There are pros and a few cons here. In particular, the disadvantage was the lack of a viewfinder, in subsequent models this was changed, the battery runs out very quickly, that is, it may not be enough for a day of constant photographing, therefore I advise you to take a spare battery. Also, you will not put a normal flash here. well, the delay before photographing is only ten seconds, there are no options here. What pleased you? Well, first of all, a large matrix, with good lighting, the photos turn out no worse than a DSLR, although it's not easy to get normal quality at dusk. The possibility of interchangeable optics, it was generally pleasing, especially when I bought a telephoto lens, I was generally pleased with the optics, that is, I took a camera with an 18-55 kit lens, which was quite enough at the initial stage for most photos. The rising and falling screen also pleased when there is a need to raise the lens above the crowd and take a photo. Well, in conclusion, if you need something light in weight, not expensive, but a high-quality shooting device, then Sony Nex 3 or modifications will undoubtedly suit you.


To be honest, I am not very well versed in photography, so my review is the review of a simple layman. Previously, we had a regular digital soap dish, which, in principle, suited us. But still I wanted something more. My husband and I approached the choice of a camera based on our needs and desires.

They were as follows:

1. Reasonable price.
2. Convenience and ease of operation.
3. Small size and weight.
4. High-quality photos.

I personally wasn't going to understand the intricacies of photography. I just wanted to set the "automatic" mode and enjoy good photos. Therefore, after weighing all the pros and cons, we chose it - a hybrid Sony Nex3.
Why is it called a hybrid? Because it is a mirrorless camera, without a viewfinder, but with the ability to change lenses. A special adapter is required to install third-party lenses. But Sony has released a number of lenses for its Sony Nex line with an E mount. You can additionally buy a portrait camera, a wide-angle lens, a macro lens, a TV, etc. Their price ranges from $ 200 to $ 1000. We included a whale lens with average capabilities and characteristics. Nevertheless, he takes pretty passable pictures, and if you try, you can get photos indistinguishable from photos taken with a SLR camera.
We have been using the camera for a year now and know its strengths and weaknesses well. I will not single out the pros and cons, because what seems to be a plus for me is unacceptable for someone.

So its features:

- Compact size and light weight. She's not just small, she's petite! Not every advanced soap dish can boast of such dimensions and weight. Without a lens, it can easily fit in a jeans pocket. Because of this, she is very mobile, does not strain her dimensions on a walk and on vacation. Very often I put it in my bag among other things – suddenly there will be a mood to take a picture of something!

- Multiple shooting modes. There are just no modes in it – from standard landscapes and portraits to very useful hand-held shooting at dusk.

- Ease of use. For me personally, this is a plus. There is no manual control of settings in the camera as on the DSLR. The arrangement of the buttons is similar to the usual soap dish that I'm used to. For my husband, this is a big minus, because he prefers manual adjustment to the machine – he changes the size of the aperture, shutter speed, focus.

- I want to write separately about focusing. Autofocus works slowly, sometimes it makes mistakes with the choice of the right object to focus on. For example, when shooting in the "automatic" mode, it focuses not on the face, but on the background… To be honest, this is a big minus. I constantly have to make sure that everything is all right with him. My husband found the next way out – manual focusing.

- Rotary screen. This is very convenient, especially due to the absence of a viewfinder in the camera.

- Intuitive interface. In my opinion, it somewhat resembles the interface of a mobile phone, so I personally got used to it quickly and without problems.

- Despite the presence of the "sport" mode (movement), dynamic images are obtained every other time. Therefore, we have to set the automatic mode and eat that out of 50 captured there will be 10 normal photos.

- The ability to record video in HD quality with stereo sound. It does not shoot like a simple video camera. Sometimes it can be very useful.

In general, the Sony Nex3 camera is not bad, but sometimes you have to tinker to take a beautiful picture. In principle, "for home, for family" is a wonderful choice – lightweight, reliable and much better than any soap dish. Therefore, I recommend it! Of course, I will show you some photos that were taken with our camera. Due to the resolution of 800/600, which is acceptable here, the quality has been greatly lost... But still...