Nikon Coolpix S9900 camera operation and reviews

Nikon Coolpix S9900 camera operation and reviews
Nikon Coolpix S9900 camera operation and reviews

I love this multifunctional camera - Nikon Coolpix S9900. Do you think I just got it? No, he and I went through all the accessible and inaccessible places, all the parties and concerts, travel and attractions.

My friends are already afraid of me – I first take them out where it is not necessary, then they run after me so that I delete them. Well, I run after them, like that Balloon from Prostokvashino, because it's so insulting when such wonderful shots, and they don't know about them.

Yes! I like nature, emotions, actions. My first "camera" was 5 years old, it fell on the lens three times – it was repaired 2 times and still works. But I have two hands! So we need two cameras. Which I did, I bought another one from my hands, which I have had for three years. I take a photo with one, a video with the other at the same time, and another script under my chin.

It's a pity no one is filming me at this moment – I would laugh, to put it mildly.

I still have 2 baby cameras, review here:

Compact digital camera, what they promise us:

NIKKOR lens with 30× optical zoom

Automatic TTL flash

Number of effective pixels: 16.0 million (when processing images, the number of effective pixels may decrease).

Image sensor: CMOS 1/2.3 inches; total about 16.76 million pixels

Focal length: 4.5–135 mm (the viewing angle is equal to the viewing angle of the lens by 25-750 mm in 35 mm format [135])

Number f: f/3.7-6.4

In short: creating videos, panoramic shooting, working in several modes, connecting to a TV, PC, computer, location detection, portrait, sports, night shooting and much more.

Speaking of nocturnal, here's a look at what an approximation!

These are all numbers, and I will tell you about the "soul" of this gadget.

You can adjust the shutter speed or aperture modes, but I do it easier and put it on auto.

The uniqueness of this camera is that it shoots well in macro mode, perfectly removes remote objects. Its price is about 24,000 rubles in photo salons.

Shoots high-quality video with perfect sound, without distortion

This video was shot in nature. I decided to make a small clip.

At the time of shooting, you can click on the "freeze frame" and you will have photos from the video along the way, you will not need to make a screenshot. Of course, it will lose to the frames, but the very fact that you can capture any moment is already fascinating.

And how comfortable and light it is. When folded, it is very compact, but this is not a "soap dish".

66*112*40 and the weight is only 289 g.

You can hold it in one hand, which I always do at events, there is a rubber pad under the finger on the case.

Rotary – folding screen.

To make the settings, you just need to go to the menu – everything is clear there.

But no one canceled the instructions to read.

I won't even describe the rest of the characteristics in dry technical language, I'll just say – the camera is just a "sweetheart".

Good health to all and wonderful pictures!