Samsung ES30 camera review and instruction manual

Samsung ES30 camera review and instruction manual
Samsung ES30 camera review and instruction manual

The Samsung ES30 is my regular camera that I have been using for two years now. I've also had other Samsung models, one of which lasted four years and one of which only lasted a year.

Overall, I am happy with these cameras and have had no problems using them. However, due to frequent drops and damage, I have had to replace them. I am completely satisfied with the quality of the pictures. I am a regular user and my photos always get positive feedback. This is especially noticeable after various events, when people start comparing their photos and ask me to print out the best shots. That's why I choose Samsung and buy this model when the need arises. I can't imagine my life without my camera, so it is always with me. On average, I take about 10-20 pictures every day.

Samsung ES30 Specifications:

1. 12.24 megapixel sensor (1/2.3");

2. shooting video with a resolution of up to 640x480;

3. 5x optical zoom;

4. 3" screen (large and comfortable);

5. macro mode (great for shooting butterflies, spiders, cobwebs and stamens - you can see everything!);

6. the weight of the camera without the battery is 141 grams (you can say that it is heavy, the plastic is smooth, does not look cheap, for three years of use scratched only a little, not tarnished. Despite this, I shoot a lot of photos, very often);

7. AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, very economical use.

All the photos shown here are taken with this camera, they may not be the most artistic, but I'm happy with them most of the time.

If photo quality is not a priority, then this model may suit you. I am disappointed with the quality of photos, although perhaps for this price you should not expect more. A lot of megapixels are claimed, but the quality leaves a lot to be desired. The green color in the photos is predominant. Probably, the optics were saved. In low light, the photos turn out blurry, which causes discomfort. I have previously used Canon and Konica Minolta Z20 cameras, and the photos from them are much better. Nevertheless, for amateur photos without special requirements, this model is quite suitable. Yes, and its batteries are used up quickly.


1. Simple and clear menu.

2. Ease of use.

On this page you will find the manual for Samsung ES30 Digital Camera. You can download the manual from the manufacturer for free and keep it in a convenient place. To open the file, use Adobe Reader, which you can install via the link on this page. The document will help you to understand the functions of the camera and ensure its stable operation when used correctly.

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