Review and manual FujiFilm FinePix SL280

Review and manual FujiFilm FinePix SL280
Review and manual FujiFilm FinePix SL280

Thank you for purchasing this product. This manual contains information on how to use your FUJIFILM digital camera and the supplied software. Please read and understand the contents of the manual and the warnings in the “For Your Safety” section carefully before using the camera. For your safety. Please read these notes before using the device. Safety Notes. Make sure you are using the camera correctly. Before using the camera, read these safety notes and the owner's manual. After reading these safety notes, keep them in a safe place. Icon information.

The following symbols are used in this document to indicate the severity of injury or damage that may result if the symbols are not followed and the product is used improperly. Failure to comply with the requirements indicated by this symbol can result in death or serious injury. Failure to observe this symbol may result in bodily injury or property damage. The following symbols are used to indicate the nature of the requirements that must be observed. A triangle symbolizes attention (“important”). A crossed-out circle indicates that certain actions are prohibited (“prohibited”). A circle with an exclamation point indicates that an action must be performed.

Hi friends, I want to share my review about my first camera, which was a great start in the world of photography. It was given to me as a birthday present, and although I had a little experience of shooting on my phone, this camera was a real discovery. The price at the time of purchase was 14,000 rubles, but now it is no longer on sale. However, you can still find similar models on websites with ads.

This camera has the following characteristics:

14 MP sensor (1/2.3");
720p video shooting;
28x optical zoom;
3” screen;
weight without batteries 470 g.

I would like to note that this camera is not a DSLR, but a pseudo-mirror (soapbox). It is ideal for learning and understanding the process of shooting, as well as for evaluating the results. You can experiment with settings, link them to modes, and voila - you already have ready-made modes that you can turn on without additional settings.

Avoid contact with metal parts of the camera during thunderstorms, as this may result in electric shock from lightning. Use only recommended batteries and observe polarity when installing them. Avoid heating, disassembly, and mechanical stress on the batteries. Keep them away from metal objects and use chargers of the appropriate model for charging. Failure to do so may result in battery explosion, electrolyte leakage, fire or personal injury.

Use only batteries or AC adapters designed for your camera with the appropriate power supply voltage. Use of other power sources may cause a fire. If battery fluid gets on your skin, eyes, or clothing, immediately flush the affected area with clean water and seek medical attention or call an ambulance.

Charge the batteries only with the charger specified in the instructions. The Ni-MH battery charger is designed for FUJIFILM HR-AA Ni-MH batteries. Using the charger to charge conventional batteries or other types of batteries may result in electrolyte leakage, overheating, or explosion.

When replacing batteries, be sure to use the correct type or equivalent. Do not use the camera in the presence of flammable substances, explosive gases, or dust. Store batteries in a hard case and wrap the terminals with tape before disposing of them. Contact with other metal objects or batteries may cause the battery to catch fire or explode.

Keep memory cards out of the reach of children, as they may swallow them. Use caution when carrying and storing memory cards. If a child swallows a memory card, seek medical attention or call an ambulance.

Avoid using the camera in locations subject to oil, steam, humidity, or dust, as this can cause fire or electric shock. Do not leave the camera in locations subject to high temperatures, direct sunlight, or in a closed vehicle to avoid fire. Keep the camera out of the reach of small children.

Do not place heavy objects on top of the camera, as this can cause it to fall and cause injury. Do not move the camera while the AC adapter is connected or pull the cable to disconnect the adapter. Doing so can damage the power cord and cause fire or electric shock.

Use the AC adapter only with an undamaged plug and good contact in the outlet. Do not cover or wrap the camera or AC adapter in a cloth or blanket, as this can cause the camera body to overheat and deform, or cause a fire.

Always remove the batteries and disconnect the AC adapter before cleaning the camera or storing it for long periods of time. Failure to do so may result in fire or electric shock. After charging, unplug the charger from the wall outlet to avoid fire.

It comes with a strap, so you don't need to buy anything extra. The zoom is automatic, but can be set manually by pressing the button on the side (28x).The sensor is 14 MP, maximum resolution 4288 x 3216. There is an automatic flash, which can be turned on manually if necessary. The camera lies comfortably in the hand, it is not heavy and small in size, which makes its use comfortable. There are not many settings, but for such a camera it is normal, because the main parameters are easily accessible. Charges from the battery, the kit comes with a charger. Charge is enough for a long time - with frequent use for about 2-3 days (this is a very good indicator). There is a slot for a memory card, without it shooting is impossible.

Now about the disadvantages. There are no buttons to change ISO, shutter speed and aperture. There are no special modes, such as sport and portrait, they need to be found in the menu. When recording video there is extra noise. The auto mode is not very good. Speed shooting is more of a marketing move.8 frames per second is possible only in certain modes and when reducing the frame size to 3MP, and with the standard size - only 1.2 frames per second. Photo quality is poor in the dark. Slow performance. However, the photos taken with this camera are bright and that's what I like about it.

FujiFilm FinePix SL280 camera: price, specifications, reviews and delivery in Moscow and Russia. You can purchase FinePix SL280 on the site KNS Moscow by filling out the order form in the shopping cart. For more information, please contact KNS Moscow specialists by phone or online chat. Description Fujifilm FinePix SL280Explore new horizons in the world of stunning photos with the powerful FinePix SL280 pseudo-mirror camera. The FinePix SL280 features a 28x optical zoom (24-672mm), a 14 megapixel CCD sensor and a 3.0” LCD screen with 460K resolution.

Power supply and battery. Familiarize yourself with the type of battery before use. Recommendations for proper use and battery life extension: improper use can shorten battery life, cause electrolyte leakage, overheating, fire or explosion. The camera uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Battery Features: the battery gradually discharges even when not in use; use a recently (a day or two ago) charged battery to take pictures; turn the camera off as soon as possible when not in use; in cold conditions, the number of available shots may be reduced, carry a spare fully charged battery; to increase the battery's charge, warm the battery by placing it in a pocket or warm place and place it in the camera immediately before shooting; when using an electric heater, do not place the battery in the camera.

Charging the battery: the battery can be charged using the battery charger (included); the battery can be charged at temperatures between 0 °C and +40 °C; the battery should be charged at temperatures between +10 °C and +35 °C; the battery should not be charged at temperatures of 0 °C and below; the battery does not need to be fully discharged before charging; the battery may be warm after charging or immediately after use, this is normal; do not charge a fully charged battery.

Battery life: at normal temperature, the battery can be used at least 300 times; a noticeable decrease in battery life indicates the end of battery life and the battery should be replaced.

Storage notes: storing a charged battery for a long time may adversely affect its performance; if the battery will not be used for a while, discharge it before storing; if the camera will not be used for a long time, remove the battery from the camera; store the battery in a cool place; the battery should be stored in a dry place at an ambient temperature of +15 °C to +25 °C; do not leave the battery in hot or very cold places.

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