fujifilm finepix s4800 manual and review

fujifilm finepix s4800 manual and review
fujifilm finepix s4800 manual and review

The FinePix S4800 features a 16-megapixel sensor, a Fujinon lens with 30x zoom and image stabilizer. The camera also has a 3-inch LCD screen and other features to create quality pictures. I bought this camera a month ago, originally I wanted a white model with a viewfinder (S8200), but I chose the red version. I was pleasantly surprised by the color of the camera, and my girlfriend especially liked it. Together with the camera I bought a set of four 2000 mAh batteries.

I want to note that the battery charge is used very sparingly - I shot all night with the flash and the batteries did not run out. As for the zoom, it is 30x, and there is no special noise. A tripod at 30x is not necessary, but if you want to take better photos, you will need one. When you go to digital pictures, the noise of the sensor becomes noticeable. I was pleased with the quality of the photos, the speed of the camera and the control settings (for example, switching to silent mode by pressing the back button for 3 seconds). The camera has a lot of scene programs, although I don't use half of them. The panorama function was a nice addition - now you don't need to press the shutter release button to shoot a panorama, you just need to move the camera to a certain distance and align the sighting with the crosshair, after which the device will take a picture automatically. I also liked the subject tracking mode. Overall, I liked this camera, although I didn't have a chance to compare it to other models. I think the price of $190 is fully justified.


A compact camera with 16 effective megapixels, a maximum video recording resolution of 1280×720 and a frame rate of 30 per second. There is no viewfinder, instead the screen output is used. The optical zoom is 30 and the image stabilizer is optical. The screen size is 3 inches, it works in viewfinder mode and is fixed. You can download the manual. For information about the terms of sale, check with the seller. Specifications, equipment, country of manufacture and appearance are subject to change. Approximate cost of delivery from other regions. Please check with the seller for exact cost. Automatically selected items to buy with this device. Please check compatibility with the retailer or manufacturer. Download user manual.


Description of the FujiFilm FinePix S4800FinePix S4800 camera is equipped with a FUJINON 30x optical zoom lens (24-720mm equivalent at 35mm). Interesting 3D photo shooting modes, Motion Panorama and other features provide more creative possibilities. Read the manual carefully.

Advantages fujifilm finepix s4800:

Runs on standard rechargeable batteries or AA batteries.

Versatile lens provides 30x zoom, allowing you to shoot from wide-angle to telephoto.

In most cases, the “P” mode is sufficient, but in low light or high contrast situations, you can achieve the desired results with manual settings.

With manual settings, for example with a tripod, you can photograph the Milky Way or the surface of the Moon in detail.

The camera can be successfully used for learning photography, the ability to have full manual control will help you quickly understand what shutter speed and aperture are and how they affect exposure.

Having straight hands, you can get high quality pictures.

Affordable price.

Disadvantages fujifilm finepix s4800:

At wide angle shooting there are geometric distortions, which can be easily corrected in the graphic editor.

Image stabilization works poorly at high zoom, the problem is solved with a tripod.

Continuous shooting works only when the shutter release button is pressed, so if you want to make a frame-by-frame shooting of the dawn, your index finger of the right hand may turn blue; you can make a special clip that will keep the shutter release button pressed.

Video recording duration is limited to the maximum file size in the FAT32 file system, which is 9 minutes and a bit.

Quite a decent camera for its price. Recommended for those who are tired of using a soapbox, but are not ready to buy an expensive DSLR. It is an ideal camera for hiking and traveling: you will not be as sorry to lose or damage it as a full-fledged DSLR, but the functionality and capabilities of this camera will be enough to create pictures in different genres and technical conditions. The manual is available for download.

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