Camera Fujifilm FinePix T300 manual and review

Camera Fujifilm FinePix T300 manual and review
Camera Fujifilm FinePix T300 manual and review

Advantages Fujifilm FinePix T300: sturdy body, fast speed, ready to shoot, flexibility of settings, ease of use in general. Not bad video quality. Interesting feature of the camera in terms of photography: great dynamic range, even compared to DSLRs. Shadows are rendered perfectly, and in contrasting scenes there are no problems with black or backlit areas typical of digital cameras. Thanks to this, the image is lively and vivid, even with an immersive effect. Download the instruction manual and read the instruction manual carefully.

Disadvantages of Fujifilm FinePix T300: The quality of photos is for amateurs. Noise, backlighting of small objects on a dark background. In terms of detailing photos, the camera is average.

I chose this Fujifilm camera as a mobile alternative to my Nikon D90. Unfortunately, a DSLR camera is bulky and heavy, which is inconvenient when traveling and walking. Many people face this situation. In my case, interesting pictures often do not turn out due to the fact that the camera is left at home. So I was looking for an alternative and chose this camera, which you can always take with you and just take pictures for fun. The main selection criterion was the ratio of capabilities, size and acceptable optics. As for the quality of photos, it should be noted that this camera can not replace a good amateur DSLR. Images turn out pale, cloudy, small details on a light background glow. Night shooting requires some skill. However, I liked the way the camera rendered the image as a whole. In some shots, it seemed to me that the image is more vivid than on the Nikon. Colors are not so contrasty and poisonous, shadows are soft, and additional details appear in the frame. It is reminiscent of film photography, without the excessive digital brightness. Download instructions.

Summing up, I want to say that if you need a compact camera that makes high-quality and colorful photos, perhaps this camera is not for you, as there is no such thing here. However, if you are looking for a reliable little helper that shoots in its own way, but with a soul, then you have found it. Read the owner's manual.


We have collected detailed information about the technical specifications of the Fujifilm FinePix T300 Black compact camera. Read the description and specifications of the model on the official website of M.Video. You can also download the certificate of conformity and instructions for the model Fujifilm FinePix T300 Black Compact Camera.

Capture the moments of everyday life - from beautiful photographs to HD movies. With our award-winning Fujinon lens, images can be crisp and clear as they appear. Equipped with SR AUTO, Auto Scene Recognition 6 with fully loaded detection functions that recognize faces, blinks and smiles for crisp, optimized photos of people. Download the instruction manual.


When choosing a camera for my mom as a gift, I first chose a red-colored Samsung for 2800 rubles, but the quality of photos was terrible, so I decided to change it to the T300 also in red. I want to say that such portraits with ten times zoom that you can get on the T300, no other device for this price will not provide. Surprisingly, the image quality is at a high level. Noise reduction is not aggressive, and even the more expensive Sony DSC-HX5V with the same magnification factor copes worse, creating a hideous watercolor picture. The optical stabilizer works great. And although it is a zoom, the image quality does not deteriorate. In the end, the device justifies its cost by 130%. Download the manual.


Advantages of the Fujifilm FinePix T300:

really compact;

high image quality and natural color reproduction in daylight (although sometimes colors can be a bit paler than they really are).

Fujifilm FinePix T300 disadvantages:

Poor image quality in low light.

While I've had experience with the Canon A720 IS, which shot significantly better, the T300 has the advantage of having a F3.4-F5.6 lens at 10x, as opposed to the Canon's F2.8-F4.8 at 6x. Thus, the T300 is more suited for situations where picture quality is not as important. If you need a camera for home use, it's better to choose a model with the possibility of manual adjustment and a less dark lens. It's worth noting that the T300 allows you to change the shutter speed in Fireworks mode (only from 1/2 to 8 seconds), as well as change the ISO value in other modes, which adds some flexibility in use. Download the camera's user manual.


Advantages of the Fujifilm FinePix T300: For a long time I was looking for a camera for a trip to the seaside with my child to use instead of my DSLR. I was leaning towards Canon, but I tried a lot of models in the stores and could not make a choice. I have to admit, I was annoyed by the noise and the slow shutter release button. However, when I looked at this camera, everything fell into place at once. The photo quality is good and the button actuates without any lag. I was ready to shoot in customizable modes, but the auto mode works so well that I forgot about the settings. All in all, I am very happy with this camera. It's been a little while, but so far I'm happy with everything. Already thinking about how I will take photos at sea.

Disadvantages of the Fujifilm FinePix T300: none.

Download the Fujifilm FinePix T300 instruction manual.


Advantages of the camera:

small, lightweight and slim, fits in your pocket;

good color reproduction, nice photos;

10x optical zoom and image stabilization;

ready to shoot 1.5 seconds after turning on the camera;

audible confirmation of autofocus;

ability to recognize smiles and closed eyes;

Face tracking and recognition of up to 8 pre-saved faces;

automatic smile shooting.

Camera disadvantages:

Autofocus error when zooming while shooting video, problems focusing on the subject;

noise in photos even at ISO 100, strong noise reduction, which destroys details (which is normal for devices of this class);

700 mAh battery, which is not enough for shooting an average of 250 photos.

This camera is a great choice for everyday shooting. Auto mode uses sensitivity up to ISO 800, which is enough for evening shots (not night shots). ISO 3200 is only available at three megapixels. A flash is highly recommended when shooting indoors.


This camera is very good! My sister bought it about two months ago and now enjoys using it. It has a good zoom, big screen, clear menu and settings. The gray color makes it stylish and fashionable. My sister takes clear and high quality photos. The weight of the camera is only 157 grams. At the time of purchase, we were also given an 8 GB memory card. The battery holds a charge for a long time, it lasts for about nine to ten days. The price is also pleasing. I recommend this camera to everyone! At first the photos turned out great, but after six months they became a little worse - sometimes with a red or yellow tint. Maybe the settings need to be adjusted, but I've tried that before. I would also like to be able to blur the background, leaving only the subject clear. Overall, the model is great. Download the manual.

Pros Fujifilm FinePix T300: cute design; convenient location of buttons; 10x ZOOM; tripod hole; battery (more reliable than batteries); affordable price (I bought for 5000 rubles, now it costs about 3000-3500 rubles).

Minuses of Fujifilm FinePix T300: only 14 MP; inconvenient on/off button; several unnecessary modes, such as smile detection and automatic photography, AE program (without the ability to change the shutter speed and aperture values).That's all I wanted to tell you about this camera. Thank you! Download the manual here.


Choosing a new camera took some time. The main criteria were cost, quality and usability. As a result, I chose the Fujifilm Finepix T300. Before that I had an old Casio Exilim series camera. I would like to note that the quality of Fujifilm photos is much better: the image is more saturated and the percentage of successful shots is higher. I really liked the optical 10x zoom. The quality of photos at ten times zoom is decent. I immediately purchased an 8 gigabyte memory card. In two weeks of vacation I filled it about halfway, while shooting video several times. By the way, the video is of high quality, it is of HD standard. I didn't need a video camera. I would like to note the convenient control and clear settings. Usually I use the automatic shooting mode. Sometimes, if necessary, I turn on the flash forcibly. The camera also allows you to take panoramic shots, which is especially useful for travelers who want to capture as many landscapes as possible in the frame. The camera has many other interesting features such as face recognition, blink detection, smile mode and so on. So far, I haven't found any drawbacks. I recommend this camera to those who appreciate the best value for money! Here are some photos taken with this camera. One of them was taken using the 10x zoom. Download the manual.


After reading reviews about my camera, I was surprised at how good they were. However, I cannot share everyone's enthusiasm. This camera was my first and long-awaited purchase, professional models were not available to me, and I was happy even with this option. In the store we were choosing between a Canon with 10 or 12 megapixels, but this one had 14! And a 10x zoom too! The consultant told us that the Fuji had better colors, so we chose it even though the price range was the same. Now I regret that decision. I'm sure a less tricked out Canon would have produced better photos than my Fuji. Study the instruction manual. Photos often turn out blurry, colors are muted, dark and dull. And the 10x zoom is rarely useful to me. The only thing it's good at is capturing text and drawings from a sheet of paper, which I often need for my studies. When zoomed in, you can see the smallest details and letters. Video in general is not bad, but when you zoom in smoothly the sound is lost, you have to do non-smooth, well, I do not know what it is called. It was very difficult to find any decent photos to demonstrate its capabilities, so judge for yourself. Download the manual.


My acquaintance with the camera began with the anticipation of positive reviews, but some shortcomings soon became apparent. Although initially it seemed to be excellent, comparison with other Nikon and Canon models changed my opinion. Among the merits of this "wonderful" device is good quality HD video, which is suitable for shooting animals, flowers and people. Also pleased with the availability of battery, which is a significant plus. I'll also note the effects, which I learned about some time after the purchase. However, the main problems are related to the quality of photos. Despite all my efforts to customize the camera, the photos turn out blurry, dull, faded and fuzzy. The only way to improve the quality of the pictures is to use the flash, but that doesn't always help either, as it illuminates the subjects too brightly, making them backlit. As for video shooting, the device cannot focus during recording, which is a significant disadvantage. In addition, indoor shots are of very low quality, and you have to spend a long time adjusting the settings to get acceptable results. In general, the photos are noisy, low-quality and blurry, and those who compare this camera with SLR cameras, clearly did not hold the latter in their hands.In the end, my opinion about buying this camera is negative. Many people ask whether it is worth buying it for amateur shooting or reviews on sites such as irecommend. My answer is no! I have a camera from another company that is more suitable for amateur shooting and leaves good impressions.


This camera was given to me by my sister, who recently returned from a business trip to Japan. I want to make it clear that I do not consider myself an expert in photography. Among all the cameras I had before (costing up to 300 dollars), this one has the best quality of pictures when shooting moving objects or in low light conditions. It is claimed to have 14 megapixels, but as you know, quality depends not on the number of pixels, but on the size of the sensor. While shooting static objects in good light, I didn't notice any significant differences in quality between this model and the previous ones. The camera has a funny function of face recognition: we take a picture of a person, call him some offensive word (in the camera, of course), and in the next photos he is automatically identified by the camera by name (or as you prefer). You can also create albums right in the camera, something I haven't seen in previous models. All in all, for this price - a great option. Download instructions.

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