Owner's manual Fujifilm FinePix JV200

Owner's manual Fujifilm FinePix JV200
Owner's manual Fujifilm FinePix JV200

Took on vacation cheap camera as No. 2, so that it was not a pity, if what ... Camera withstood everything, now works at home on a par with the old, so I recommend it to everyone if finances are tight, and the camera is needed.

Description of Fujifilm FinePix JV200 camera

Camera type: compact.

Number of effective megapixels of the matrix: 14.

Maximum video recording resolution: 1280x720.

Maximum video frame rate: 30 fps.

Type of viewfinder: none (on-screen display).

Optical Zoom: 3.

Image stabilizer (still photography): digital.

Screen size: 2.7 inches.

Screen: operation in viewfinder mode, fixed.

Product: digital camera FujiFilm FinePix JV200 Silver (14MPix 4288x3216 3xZoom SD/SDHC LCD2.7" NP-45A USB2.0).

Usage period: no more than a year.

Download the instruction manual.

Advantages of Fujifilm FinePix JV200:

low price;

fully automatic mode;

its own lithium battery with a decent capacity;

quite fast camera: start, shoot, turn off;

fairly tolerable HD video quality;

small size - carried in a pocket and without a case.

Disadvantages Fujifilm FinePix JV200: strong noise in low light, with the same focus is obtained in 1 out of 5 shots.


The FujiFilm FinePix JV200 Pink is a great and simple digital camera that is affordable. It has 20 shooting modes (night, day, macro, portraits, landscapes and others), as well as a panoramic shooting function, which is rare in cameras of this price segment. The implementation of this function is not bad, I like it. With this camera you can shoot video. However, it has one disadvantage - the battery is designed for only one use, that is, a maximum of one day of intensive photography. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly charge the battery. Overall, this camera deserves a solid four. Instruction manual download user.


The photos are sharp and beautiful, with excellent detail when enlarged. Most importantly for our family, the colors remain saturated. These great photos are the result of the many modes available. I recently shot an HD video, I was hesitant at first, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The right settings provide excellent sound quality, with no distortion. I spent a lot of time choosing a camera and settled on this model as I was completely satisfied with it. There are no flaws in it that I could point out. This model fully meets my requirements. If you value your money, I recommend you to pay attention to this brand. Download the user manual.


Purchased at DNS for 2200 a year ago, everyone loves it. I recommend this model if you are looking for your first "soap box". Includes camera, music cable, charger, cord, disk, manual and warranty card. Charger without cables, you have to take the battery out each time, put it in the charger and charge it, then put it back in. This is more convenient for me. You can't charge the battery from the cable, only take pictures. But I don't use the cable because HD videos weighing more than 700 megabytes can't be transferred through it. You'll still need a card reader. I use a Chinese card reader. Speaking of video. This model shoots video in HD 720 perfectly. You can see an example of video recording at the link. For recording reviews and videos, I recommend buying an 8GB 10th class memory card. It works great, you can buy a 16GB one later. If you don't need video, 4-8 GB will be enough. But it is better to take a class 10 card, I chose Transcend. Download the user manual.


The unit is very easy to use, making it ideal for beginners. The Fujifilm software is intuitive and user-friendly. The camera screen is good, making it easy to see what the image will look like after shooting and viewing on a computer. The macro and auto modes are excellent, and the flash is great. With due diligence, the photos turn out amazing. Here are three sample shots, the third has been re-converted and lost a bit of quality, but overall the quality is good. All shots are in macro mode and one in normal mode. The party and manual modes are also good. The battery is not the most powerful, but it is enough for me. I recommend this unit specifically because of the battery. You can order another one of the same battery for $7 on eBay to replace it, while one is charging, we use the other one or carry it around as a spare. The microphone also records sound well, but in HD video mode, at 640 resolution the sound becomes mono and it's a bit easier. If you want more photos and video examples, post here and I'll share links or show videos on my channel. This camera is a great choice under 2k, they are getting a little cheaper now, I bought mine a year ago for 2200. Here is the manual to download for free.


I recently bought it for New Year's Eve. I love photography and have been wanting a digital camera for a long time. What can I say? The photos seem to turn out great. There are many useful shooting modes, video, although it weighs quite a lot. The panorama is bright, but sometimes there are suspicious circles. They scare me, because such circles are often found in cemeteries. I went to check it out myself. It's hard to say what kind of circles they are, maybe it's a camera defect. Anyway, I stopped taking pictures because of them. Maybe someone knows what it is? Other than that, everything else is super. It's easy to view photos, although the dates don't show up on the pictures, but that's okay. It's the best in its price category. It has a nice design and a lot of interesting features. Download the manual on the website.

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